“I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway.”
Salinger (via nevver)


fly fly fly by erebun


i love the smell of anime in the morning

“All I wanted was to receive the love I gave.”
– 10 word story (via cubs)

“Don’t say I’m perfect. It scares me. I’m going to disappoint you. I’m going to disappoint myself.”
E.B. (via invisible-depression)

“But you see, there is
a graveyard in my mouth
filled with words that
have died on my lips.”
– Emily Palermo, from Untitled (via invisible-depression)

“People often ask me questions that I cannot very well answer in words, and it makes me sad to think they are unable to hear the voice of my silence.”
– Inayat Khan  (via invisible-depression)

“읽 슕땖꼸뼯 쨣 혃퍞
You cried with a smile”
– 조으다  (via invisible-depression)

For the thing which
I greatly feared is come upon me,
and that which I was afraid of
Is come unto me.
I was not in safety, neither
had I rest, neither was I quiet;
yet trouble came.